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General agreement

The following general conditions apply to the use of Loggamera's web services and the sale of goods by Loggamera AB, 556943-7451 (hereinafter referred to as "Loggamera") and you as a user of these services (hereafter "You"), unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing between the respective customer (hereinafter "the Customer") and Loggamera. When selling to a consumer, Loggamera uses the mandatory rules that follow from the applicable legislation.

As a buyer of goods and/or services from Loggamera, you must be over 18 years of age. Loggamera does not include agreements with minors (under the age of 18) without legal consent.

Loggamera is entitled to demand compensation from the user if the service is abused.

Malicious use or tampering with the service will be reported to the police.

Prices shown do not include any taxes and duties that may be levied in the recipient country.


Loggamera's services monitors and controls technical equipment. Loggamera collects, compiles reports, and sends information to the Customer and other parties.


Unless otherwise agreed, all information that is reported automatically from Loggamera is to be seen as indicative and without liability. Any suggestions and actions should be validated by qualified personell with good knowledge in affected systems.


The service includes important parts (for example organization details, algorithms and application logic) that we consider company secret information. These parts conclude immaterial properties and business secrets that belong to us, our suppliers or licensees, including the specifics of programs, special designs and user interfaces. You may not publically publish any such findings you may encounter during the use of the service without our written consent.


All services from Loggamera are licensed based on a recurring subscription. You have no right to claim any ownership or rights to the service other than what is being provided under this agreement.

Parts of the services and hardware produced and sold by Loggamera can contain software from third parties, inclduding open source software.


Both Loggamera and You must follow laws protecting privacy.

We have collected everything privacy related in the Privacy policy

Non-personal and/or anonymized statistics and information about the use of Loggamera services are collected to further improve our services.


Loggamera services aims to be running at all times, but as any service they need maintenance. Planned service is contained to tuesdays between 21:00 and 03:00 CEST during the services may have limited availability.


Fees for purchaised items and services are agreed on before initial delivery. You agree to pay within time limit noted on the invoices. If you are late, we will send you a remider. If you are still not paying according to our agreement we may have to limit access to the system or cancel the subscription at your cost, applied to final billing.


Unless otherwise agreed, the service cancellation period is three months.



We guarantee that our products (hardware) is free from defects two years from the day you receive the product.

In case of a defect, we replace the product with a new or repair the product, depending on what is most most efficient.

Loggamera does not cover shipping, loss of income, malfuctions in other services, etc.


All messages must be written. An email messages is sufficient. All messages must be directed to:

Loggamera AB
Enhagsvägen 18
S-187 40 Täby

Email: legal@loggamera.se

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