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Loggamera privacy policy

Loggamera stores certain personal data, information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living person. For example, we save your name and contact information when you create a user account on our website. However, we never save more personal data than is necessary for the following purposes:

To do the above, we store the following personal information about you:

No personal identification number is stored by Loggamera except in the case where an individual entrepreneur's company identification number is the same as the entrepreneur's personal number.

Free text-entry fields

When filling in the details of a device or plant to be connected to Loggamera, it is important that you do not write any information that can be linked to a living person in the input fields, which is not intended for personal data.

How long is personal data stored, and how do you delete the data?

Personal data that you enter or transfer to Loggamera is saved from the time when you actively agreed to become a registered user in Loggamera until you deregister, but no more than three years after you last signed in.

You deregister by sending an e-mail to info@loggamera.se with the heading "Unregister account:" followed by your email used in Loggamera. We will then contact you and confirm your request before we deregister your account and delete all personal data associated with the account, except for any details of sales transactions that we have to save for a certain time according to law.

Note that some information can remain on security back-ups or in log files for up to three months after removal from Loggamera's database.

Does Loggamera send personal information to third parties?

When you buy or book a monitoring service from Loggamera we will send address and contact information to the installation company that will perform the physical installation. You will always know the name of the installation company before the installation is confirmed.

In addition to the installer we send information to our External book-keeping system and in case you pay online, with our external Payment system at the end of each purchaise, to handle the transaction. The following personal information is sent:

If needed the payment system may require you to enter other information for the transaction. In that case, they only require such information to handle your payment, and they save the data only as long as the law demands.

On the day you deregister your user account in Loggamera, we ensure that any personal data that has been saved at Payment system is deleted, except for the data that must be stored for a certain time by law.

If you have given us permission to send you newsletters and offers your email is sent to our External newsletter service, which manages our newsletters.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored in databases, security back-ups and log files on Loggamera's servers at the hosting provider located in Sweden. Security back-ups and log files are saved for no longer than three months. The above information passed on to subcontractors is stored in other databases and log files of these companies.

Mail dispatch

With your permission, we may send different types of information to you via e-mail, SMS or phone. Examples of information that can be sent are status information about your current freight, freight documents for printing, newsletters, and offers. You can change settings to what you like to receive on the settings page of the web portal.


A cookie is information stored on your computer by your browser. We apply cookies to maintain a user session for you. If you logged in to Loggamera, your cookie contains information that can be linked to your registered user account on Loggamera. In other cases, the cookie is completely anonymous and contains no personal information.

Correction of incorrect personal data

Loggamera has the right to correct personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

Future changes

Loggamera reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy to the extent that the changes are necessary to remedy any disturbances or to meet new legal or technical requirements. All changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on this page.

You are always welcome to contact us for more information.



External book-keeping system – Visma SPCS

paymeny system – PayPal

External Newsletter service – Mailchimp

hosting provider – Amazon Web Services


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